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Army Call Up System

The Call-Up System for emergency situations from Gama Operations is the only operational call up system, and is currently used by Israeli Army (IDF) to contact large numbers of reservists as quickly as possible. The ability to mobilize forces rapidly, at critical times, delivers a significant advantage to the IDF.

This application distributes notifications to all military units according to preset scenarios. While this huge process is udnerway, the system produces detailed reports in real time, allowing system managers to closely monitor the situation.

The communications engine implements the call-ups via an extension interface that is connected to the PBX or fixed/mobile lines and by this - it can record the call status (answered, busy or no response).

Our system serves all IDF units and has been operational now for over 10 years. Due to its high effectiveness and reliability in real time over this period, the call-up system was recently upgraded by Gama Operations to the satisfaction of all parties, while Gama was declared Sole Supplier for the IDF in this field.

Click here to learn more about Gama's message distribution system.

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