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Become a Channel Partner

Gama Operations is expanding its international activity these days. This might be the perfect time for you to make a wise business decision and become a channel partner of a leading company, with unique solutions, in a growing market.
This Market is Growing

Growing Needs:
  • Growing damage from Cyber-attacks and call theft IP-PBXs
  • Growing need for Privacy and Telephone Encryption
  • Growing expectation from Governments to handle Emergency situations effectively
Growing Awareness:
  • From large companies before, to Medium and small businesses today
  • From Federal level before, to state and municipal level today
  • From government only before, to public and private companies today

Unique Products and Solutions

As Industry leader, Gama Operations offers unique products and solutions, reflecting market needs but usually with that special 'twist' which makes the difference between good and better. This quality proves is very useful in today’s competitive business scene.
Solid yet Flexible partner
For over 30 years of activity, Gama holds a proven record of success. Gama often analyzed and set its course well ahead of the competition, emphasizing not only the willingness to explore new paths, but also to analyze these paths correctly and choose the right one.
This line of though keeps Gama Operations energetic and flexible, fully understanding the needs of its channel partners.
Perfect time

We are expanding our international activity these days,
We are looking for quality local partners to grow business together

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Asaf Yishay
Director, International Sales

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