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Centralized Power Sec

The vulnerability of IP PBXs stops organizations from enjoying the full sets of abilities these PBXs hold. Gama’s Power Sec is the perfect and most cost effective solution, protecting the IP PBX from any external threats while providing addition layer of defence in the form of call encryption.

Gama’s centralized Power Sec system comes to cope the combine need of protecting the organization’s IP PBX, while at the same time provide this protection in the form of a service and not as an on premise device.

The general idea is quite simple – make Gama’s centralized Power Sec, installed whether in Gama’s or any serve provider’s headquarters, the focal point of communications for the IP PBX. By doing so, the whole set of defensive layers, produced by Gama’s Power Sec, will come to term, allowing the full use of the IP PBX without the risk of it being hacked.
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