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Complete Security Suit

A combination of Gama Operations’ products will allow any enterprise to establish a defensive perimeter, surrounding the entire chain of the telephony network.

The strength of the chain is in its weakest link and Gama’s protection suit will toughen up those loose links, being used by hackers all too often. This suit combines the Power Sec alongside Gama’s Cellular Protection and MDM system.
  1. The Power Sec secures the IP PBX, stopping any hacker at his tracks. Securing any remote extensions will make this barrier even harder to penetrate and at the same time, the Power Sec’s ability to encrypt all phone calls going through it will keep eavesdroppers at bay, keeping the signaling and media completely safe.
  2. As the call itself is being secured by the Power Sec, the cell phone makes a potential breaking point for the hacker. Gama's Cellular protection and MDM system will take care of this end, making the cell phone harder to hack and keeping malwares and spywares away from it.
The combination of these two products will form the desired defensive perimeter, not only making the IP PBX secure, but also protecting the entire call process, whether the hacker tries to hack in via the IP Network, or through a sleeping agent he managed to install on the cell phone.


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