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Emergency Call-Up System


Gama’s Emergency Call-Up System is an efficient and effective solution, which addresses the growing need of government offices, municipalities, emergency services and others, to send voice messages to large groups of people, in the shortest time available, while having management tools for the messaging process and for result analysis.

Proven in combat:

Gama Emergency Call-up System is being used successfully by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).
The mechanism of the system is based on scenarios and target groups. Each target person can have multiple contact numbers.

Each scenario is provided with its own parameters – from the list of the people to call, through the message to be delivered, to the number of retries in case of a 'busy' or 'no answer' resuly. This allows valuable flexibility, fitting each scenario to specific needs.
In addition, there are options to define and activate scenarios dynamically, remotely, even by telephone.

Reporting tools are available both during the process for real time decision-making, and also after the alerting process, for debriefing and process improvement.
Messages can be sent by Voice, SMS, Emails, and Faxes

Why SMS is not enough?
  1. Calling landline phones: In order to cover geographic locations (Sepcific area, building, apartment, office, etc.), of to target specific immobile people.
  2. Status of message delivery (busy, answer, no answer), and acting accordingly (redial, try another contact number)
  3. Getting Feedback from calld person (will arrive, cannot arrive, need help, etc.)

When comes the time to address vast amount of people in a short period of time – you would like Gama Operations’ emergency dialing system on your site.
  • Ability to contact large amounts of people in a short period of time.
  • Personally contact each person on the contact list without increasing personnel.
  • Immediate feedback from the called party.
  • Real time reporting system
  • Option: Record a voice message from remote telephone
  • Option: Running a scenario from remote telephone

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