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Fax Servers

While the security challenges stops organizations from enjoying their IP PBX abilities, Gama’s Power Sec
This module enables many end users, who access Fax Servers via different interfaces, to send and receive their faxes efficiently, conveniently and at low cost.
Note: The fax system is simple to install and operate. When connected to an organization's network, it does not affect that network's settings.

The system is connected to the client's PBX as well as to the organization's LAN . Every user is a assigned a unique phone line via which faxes are sent to the fax servers. The PBX transmits the user's ID code (DTMF) to the fax servers.

For example, connecting the system to a website will involve:
  • Fax servers, Main server, Email server and workstation, Telephone and
    network infrastructure personal, Department or organization fax.

Special Features
  • Sending faxes - Faxes are sent from Client software installed in the user's workstation and connected to a dedicated printer that is setup to receive faxes from specific fax phone numbers. Phone numbers can be taken from the user's address book and the user can add personal details on the fax intro page. A confirmation note that the fax was successfully or unsuccessfully delivered is received by email without wasting time, paper or toner.
  • Receiving faxes in personal email - The fax servers is programmed to send the fax received to each user's personal mailNote : The   system supports work with a number of Exchange servers.
  • Saving faxes - An email confirmation record preserves details of each outgoing or incoming fax. Internal software allows each user to view these faxes.
    Note: This software permits the resending of sent faxes to any additional destination required

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