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Healthcare Services

The expert solutions developed by Gama Operations are essential tools for every hospital and medical center needing a reliable system that will provide the best possible care to its patients - both at routine times and during emergencies.
Our unique understanding of the medical environment is expressed in our 'Cell to Everyone' (CTE) system that allows information to be passed directly to every patient in any hospital. Our call alert system has been thoroughly tested and operated in many emergency situations. In addition, we have extensive expertise in managing large and developed databases.

Gama Operations' messaging systems are highly flexible, allowing for a range of scenarios such as contacting on-call doctors, nurses and other staff during emergencies, setting appointments and confirming patients' arrival (at clinics, dental practices etc.).

A special system has been developed to serve telemedicine centers. This solution a
llows service providers to update their customers with regard to important and current information related to the services received, medications, appointments, prescriptions, special offers, subscribers and more.
The system can contact the customers directly or via SMS, record customer feedback and then update the local database accordingly. This rich store of benefits gives the Gama system high added value for both operators and users.

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