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Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales are the two disciplines upon which the business world depends. Seeking efficient ways to bring marketing messages to customers, Gama Operations developed a message distribution system and an advanced fax server. Both tools give the advertiser high selectivity in broadcasting every type of message to his customers.
Taken together with a comprehensive range of solutions offered to this market sector, the Gama system allows every advertising agency to give its clients a 'special extra'.
For example the Gama Prime Voice-Fax system installed in the Adler, Homsky & Warshavsky advertising agency lets staff at every workstation receive and send faxes. The Fax module is used to send faxes to mailboxes and internal and external telephones, as well as receive faxes to personal mailboxes. The faxes can be printed on any fax machine in the company. From afar, users can hear a message, enter a fax number and have the fax redirected there.


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