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Power Sec

Power Sec is a Multy Layer Protection system for Secruing VoIP and IP-PBXs. Power Sec separates the PBX from the Internet, blocking any attempts to hack the PBX in multiple levels. 

Power Sec holds 5 main capabilities:

1. Protection – Conceals the PBX from the hacking tools over the internet.

2. Encryption – Danger lies not only in hacking to the PBX, but also in eavesdropping, recording or impersonating – the encryption module solves these all, concealing any bit of information – whether the ID of the originator, the destination, etc.

Power Sec encrypts the signaling using TLS, while the media is encrypted using SRTP. In addition – Power Sec supports both SDES and ZRTP as key exchange methods.

3. Securing Remote Extensions – Power Sec prohibits any hack attempts through remote extension, whether IP Phone, Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet PC, etc.

4. Call Recording – Recording Peer to Peer IP calls is a challenge. Power Sec can record IP calls, even Peer to Peer, including encrypted calls.

5. SIP Connectivity – Performing NAT Traversal, hence resolving NAT and Far-End NAT issues, when operating behind  firewalls.

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