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Smart Communication Systems




In addition to the range of solutions that Gama offers every client, the company offers many opportunities for development and providing solutions to suit the client's changing needs.
Gama developed and installed systems for management and supplying information to customers by email and fax including maps and financial information on expenses, debts etc.
By using this system the client saved around 60% in costs of staff dealing with customers while continually improving customer service offered around the clock.
The Message Distribution System enables the building of applications for distributing messages to call-up staff according to various scenarios determined in advance. The system identifies the response, busy tone or no reply and records the call status in the database. It will build a report that maps all call records at the end of a message distribution session. The communications engine makes the calls via a phone extension interface connected to the PBX or phone company and shows the status of every call.
This system was successfully installed in cooperation with Tadiran and Israel Railways.
An additional Gama system allows customers to be informed about treatment dates, supply deliveries, various announcements of garages, import offices and more.


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