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Sample Applications of Voice Recognition Technology in Work Environment

The main purpose of the speech recognition system is to identify the speaker from a speech. The technology is laudable as it’s a mega invention where it has been used in several ways to deal with problems of anonymity. The fields where it has been applied have experienced complete transformation as it eases work of endless speculation in finding ‘who said’. It put things clear when it recognizes and relates a voice with the speaker.

The technology is widely used in areas like in hospitals, in aircrafts and telephone services. If it could be possible for every organization to employ the technology, investigations into who made certain unwelcomed utterances, or who made phone calls or a successful sale presentation, or gave a tutorial and so on could become easy with voice recognition. This then would mean general improvement in mutual trust and understanding in an organization. It also works up security when it becomes possible to identify and eliminate unwanted individuals in an organization by the virtue of their bad speech.

The most important and widely used application of this technology is on the mobile telephony. The system is successful in fighting mobile phone crimes. For instance when suspects are apprehended, the voice recognition system is applied to identify the guilty one in the group of suspects.  

There are several other real life applications of the voice recognition systems other than recognizing culprits of bad utterances. These include recognizing voices in video games, transcription tasks, audio documents processing, telephone conversations, aerospace, court proceedings, reporting and air traffic control training sessions for aircrafts controllers.

Of great importance to note is that improvements on voice recognition technology are progressively being made. The accuracy of the systems is getting improved each day and therefore it is becoming more and more reliable and relevant. Even now, having the vital system in your organization is so crucial, practical and very possible.

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