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  While Voice over IP (VoIP) offers people and organizations improved service, the security challenges force only a limited use of these abilities. Gama’s Power Sec addresses these challenges,  keeping the IP PBX completely secure.   Supplement your PBX with Gama’s Prime Voice. Add voice recognition capabilities, enjoy the advanced fax server or start using a Work-time-report application. Whatever you need - we've got it.   Reduce costs and improve system availability using Gama Operations full scale cloud systems, whether you need a could base IVR, or to protect your IP PBX from afar.   When the need to initiate vast amounts of simeultanious calls - you should pick Gama's Emergancy dialer, the only operational dialer, used by the Israeli Army in case of emergencies.   
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Since 1995 Gama Operations specializes in advanced Crucial Telecommunication Systems, providing highly sophisticated and robust solutions to supplement and secure PBXs and IP PBXs.

This vast experience brought Gama Operations to become a leader in its field of expertise. Gama’s systems have proven their market success, with over 15,000 installations in offices, small, medium, large businesses and Governmental organizations across Europe, South America, Middle East and so on.



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